October supper

Our next supper will take place on October 1st in a house in Culmington – 3 miles NE of Ludlow. Early autumn provides particularly rich pickings for us to cook from so we’re pretty excited about what we’ve got lined up. We promise the bosky, misty, fruitfulness of all things good.

If you would like to attend please drop us an e-mail.
We’re fully booked for our supper on October 1st. We’ll post a report shortly after the event.


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4 responses to “October supper

  1. Richard Harding

    I saw a poster in a window in Corve Street this morning. Please can you add me to your mailings so I can make a note of dates and possibly contribute? How do you organise, spread the effort and responsibility, pay for the food etc? The idea is great, I’d like to be part of it!

    • Hi Richard. Glad that our guerilla flyers are doing their work! Marches Supper Society was set up earlier this year by 3 friends who live in and around Ludlow and wanted to challenge themselves to cook for people other than their close friends. We try to cook using local, seasonal ingredients. We’re only 3 suppers old, but have hosted between 13 and 15 people at each of those suppers. We design and taste the menus between ourselves and then cook and serve between ourselves on the evening of the supper – suggesting a donation of £25 per head for our guests. We’re still deliberating about our November date and venue but will confirm soon and let you know. December is more firmly fixed as the 3rd. Best wishes, the MSS

      • Richard Harding

        The curious thing about emailing, blogging etc is that one doesn’t have a name, so, ‘withington’, many thanks for your reply and i have made a note of 3rd December and please let me know when you have decided the November date. Many years ago we ran a Grub Club up in Yorkshire but it got very competitive and eventually after a meal that required 24 eggs (and much else) consumed by just 6 people we decided to call it a day! I am looking forward to meeting you all. Richard.

      • It isn’t a deliberate ploy of anonymity . . . honest! Next supper dates are November 12th and December 3rd. Drop us an e-mail at info@marchessuppersociety.co.uk if you want to attend. best wishes, Adam

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