December’s supper/feast

It was only as we gathered yesterday afternoon to cook supper that team Marches Supper realised the  . . . ummmmnnnn . . . potential windiness of our menu. Sprouts, Jerusalem artichokes and prunes might make for an interesting post supper experience. We won’t canvas opinions on whether this proved to be true.

Only three weeks since our last supper, this one was our nod to Christmas. Sian was on hand to photograph food and events so I will add these to this report as and when they come to me.

We served:

Bloody Mary/Virgin Mary

Deep fried sprouts w/ chilli and almond

Ham hock terrine w/ celeriac remoulade


Wild mushrooms on sourdough

Roast partridge with a roast apple, bread sauce, Jerusalem artichokes and quince jelly


Gurnard cooked with saffron, sherry and bay, w/ pink fir potatoes and cavolo nero

Chocolate and almond cake w/ prunes and creme fraiche

Tea/Coffee/Mint tea/Hippy tea w/ fig rolls and cantuccini

Onwards with planning Marches Supper does 2012!


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  1. Jonathan Hopkinson


  2. swissconcubine

    Gasp! What was the mistake??

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