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October’s Supper

Am hoping that the trajectory of our ability to photographically document our suppers will reverse at some point as, last night, we managed to take precisely zero pictures of the supper or the food that we ate. One of our guests was seen taking pictures so we may collar those and put them up here if they come our way. In short, when all of our 6 hands were trying to get 15 plates of food out while still hot, grabbing a camera and composing a decent shot is not a priority – not that we make our lives any easier by designing (in the case of our main last night) plates of food with 7 separate components.

15 was a new high for us in number of guests and I think we just about pulled it off.

The menu was as follows:

Elderberry cocktail

Parmesan biscuits

Roast squash with lime, chilli and a yoghurt and tahini dressing

Pig cheek cooked in cider, confit pork belly and crackling with potato and celeriac mash, pan-fried apples and chard


Roast tomato and thyme orzotto

Damson jelly with damson fool and hazelnut shortbread biscuits

Tea/coffee/mint tea with almond and cardomom cookies



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October supper

Our next supper will take place on October 1st in a house in Culmington – 3 miles NE of Ludlow. Early autumn provides particularly rich pickings for us to cook from so we’re pretty excited about what we’ve got lined up. We promise the bosky, misty, fruitfulness of all things good.

If you would like to attend please drop us an e-mail.
We’re fully booked for our supper on October 1st. We’ll post a report shortly after the event.


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