May 4th Supper 2013

Having been thwarted by snow 5 weeks earlier we finally got our first supper of 2013 under our collective belts on May 4th.

We were at a new venue, we fed 18 guests, it all went vaguely swimmingly. As usual our attempts to photograph our food were a little bit haphazard, thankfully Tom Saunders, one of our guests was on the ball. Thanks to him for these images.


We served

Rhubarb bellinis and parsley and feta parcels

Braised chicory with dill sauce



Porchetta with asparagus, barley, wild garlic and broad bean and tomato vinaigrette



or Pea and ricotta ravioli with asparagus


followed by buttermilk icecream with babas and rhubarb


tea or coffee with chocolate biscuits.

Tom’s plate testifies that his main course, at least, went down well



Now to plan the next one.




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2 responses to “May 4th Supper 2013

  1. Lesley Mackley

    It was a wonderful evening and every morsel was absolutely delicious.

  2. Jude

    I’m now seriously hungry after looking at those pics!!! Looks amazing.

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