August’s supper

I realise why people (restauarants) employ food stylists to document their offerings . . . when you’ve got hot plates, hot food and then rapidly melting ice cream it’s difficult to take well lit shots of the food that you’ve lovingly prepared . . . and your priority is to get the food in front of your guests. Which is a long excuse for this post being a little bit . . . dry!

Last night’s supper (our second) was . . . we think . . . a great success. Our guests ate (and enjoyed(?)) the following:

Elderflower champagne

Sourdough with almond, mint and anchovy paste

Pigeon escabeche with bulgar wheat


Warm lentil and radicchio salad with labneh and candied walnuts

Lamb breast with sweetbreads and chard


New season garlic soufflé with chicory

Whimberry tart with whimberry ripple ice cream

Tea, coffee and mint tea with chocolate brownies



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2 responses to “August’s supper

  1. Lesley Mackley

    Thank you for another wonderful evening. The menu does not adequately describe the exceptionally delicious food you served. I can’t wait for the next one.

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